Texas The State Of Water

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Helpful Web Entities

Due to the nature of 3rd Party web sites and constant updates we provide the following entities which you may cut and paste into your favorite search engine and find their latest web site address.

  • Aquifers of Texas Encyclopedia of Earth
  • Estuaries.gov
  • Glossary of Terms on Water U.S. Geological Service
  • Glossary of Water Resource Terms Edwards Aquifer Conservation District
  • Groundwater Foundation
  • Groundwater: the Lifeblood of Central Texas
  • Guide to Freshwater Ecology - TCEQ
  • Hart Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies
  • Native Plant Society
  • National Wetlands Inventory US Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Playa Lakes Joint Venture
  • Surf Your Watershed US EPA
  • Texas Center for Service Learning
  • Texas Gulf Ecological Management Sites
  • Texas Riparian Association
  • Texas River Systems Institute
  • Texas Rural Water Association
  • Texas The State of Water
  • Texas Water Matters
  • Wetlands - EPA
  • Check your local Water Utility for additional information and resources.

Additional learning activities online

  • Educator's Guide to Marine Debris - Southeast and Gulf of Mexico (NSF & NOAA) Middle school. Great activities.
  • EE Activities - Water NAAEE (North American Association for Environmental Education). Comprehensive list of helpful links!
  • Water Science for Schools US Geologic Survey
  • Newton's Apple activity guides Newton's Apple PBS
  • Splish Splash I was Takin' a Bath Teach Engineering activity on water pollution and consumption
  • Aquifer in a Tank Bureau of Economic Geology, UT Austin
  • Water on the Web for Colleges and High Schools
  • Playa Lakes Education Resources Playa Lake Joint Venture
  • Test Your Water Sense US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Kids Corner The Groundwater Foundation
  • USGS Water education posters
  • USGS and Science Education
  • Resources for K-12 Earth Science Educators Geological Society of America
  • WaterSense US EPA
  • Stream Connections New Zealand Government site. Interesting mix of water and cultural activities that could be adapted